ATIBA Youth Intervention Services provides Intensive In-Home services as effective methods that can assist in the positive growth and development of children and adolescents who are in danger of being removed from their home and/or community. ATIBA provides high quality, child centered, family focused, cost effective, and community- based services to at-risk youth and their families.

ATIBA employs a professional staff of clinicians who are:
  • ​Very passionate about  our goals and mission

  • Highly trained and licensed individuals with years of clinical experience

  • Very knowledgeable of the social and in-home challenges youth are faced with

  • Very knowledgeable of family struggles and issues

  • Sincere to help empower the parent/guardian

  • Sincere to help empower the child/client to turn their lives around to be positive and productive in society

  • Dedicated to meeting the child/client’s needs with quality services

  • Committed to providing intensive In-Home solutions in order to instill and build traditions of respect, cooperation, and excellence.


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